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A Few Of My Logos, From A to Z

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Here’s a video from Instagram of just a small sampling of logos I’ve done over the years, from A to Z – don’t blink! You can see even more logos in the portfolio. For those curious about the process that goes into every logo I design, take a look at a quick rundown under the video!

A few logos I've done, from A-Z – don't blink! See even more logos at #logos #hamont

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Godfrey Creative Logo Design Process:

The logo design progress begins with client discovery – learning about the company and its culture, finding out what makes the company unique, and learning how best to create a logo that would suit the company and it’s unique needs.

The next step is to analyze the competition – who else is in the marketplace? The logo for your company must be distinct to you and must not create any brand confusion with existing companies in the marketplace.

How your company’s logo will be used greatly influences how it will be designed. For instance, if it’s to be used online-only, the shape of the logo should most likely be wide to fit into the menu bar. If the design is for an app, special consideration must be made for including a symbol in the logo, that would be used for the app icon.

With the company’s culture, competition, and logo usage in mind, the creation of logo concepts begin. From here the company is presented with custom logo designs and gives input on how they’d like to see the logo modified- or simply select a design if they require no changes.

After the company receives their final logo design, the next step is usually to develop collateral, which is all the business stationery that the logo is applied to, or any other item the logo may appear. This is to create one unified brand message, to keep the company’s brand messaging strong and consistent across all mediums.

Are you ready to start your logo design process? Contact me and we can begin crafting a logo that is uniquely yours.